What is a Certified Health Informatics Systems Professional - CHISP® Credential?

The Certified Health Informatics Systems Professional - CHISP® credentialing program prepares you for the expanding field of Health IT (HIT) with a dual-focus approach. It combines technical and healthcare industry knowledge necessary for health IT careers in one comprehensive course. Whether you’re a healthcare professional seeking IT mastery for career opportunities or an IT professional desiring a foothold in the dynamic healthcare industry, CHISP offers industry-best training in this dynamic field from the nation’s leading HIT trade association.

CHISP coursework includes training in computer science and healthcare operations to prepare you for every IT-related field in the healthcare industry, from software development to its implementation in a clinical setting. Experts and newcomers alike find that a CHISP presents subject matter in an innovative and intuitive way, whether you’re looking to hone your skills or develop new ones.