If you are looking for IT jobs in healthcare and are already working in or have experience or training in information technology (IT), ASHIM offers modified course tracks to accelerate your success!

The IT Professional FAST TRACK course contains two modules and is designed to be completed within 8 weeks at your own pace. This training option excludes the Information & Computer Science module offered in the full course and covers:

  • The US Health Care System
  • Medical Information Systems

This modified curriculum is perfect for the IT professional new to the health care industry. It provides the fundamental knowledge and skills required by technical professionals to support physician adoption of health care IT.

IT Pro FAST TRACK | $999.00
Includes all textbooks, CHISP® Study Guide, ASHIM Membership, and CHISP® Exam

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Course Outline

Download our Course Brochure for additional details.

The US Health Care System

  • Introduction to Medical Terminology & Basic Anatomy - Part 1
  • Introduction to Medical Terminology & Basic Anatomy - Part 2
  • Operational Principles of Healthcare
  • Introduction to Health IT Regulations

Medical Information Systems

  • Principles of Medical Billing
  • Concepts in Quality of Care
  • Heath IT Fundamentals - Part 1
  • Heath IT Fundamentals - Part 2